This is a throwback, about a few weeks ago, when I went to the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA).  They have this amazing exhibition, perfect for the kids!  How awesome is this fur wall (see below), seems to me to be channeling Dr Seuss!

Gracie was having an absolute ball.  Her little face says it all!



In the spirit of Valentines Day, I found a cute quiz to get to know my better half and I.

It might sound cliche, but truly everyday is Valentines Day with Aaron.  We never really celebrate V Day, but thought this year marks our 10 years together so why not haha!  Each and everyday we make the effort to show our love toward each other and how much we appreciate each other.  He definitely brings out the best in me, and I hope I bring out the best in him.  It has almost been 10 years (this Sunday!) since we’ve been together.  Can’t believe how time has flown by!


Who’s older? Me, by about a month.

Who was interested first? Definitely me, he rejected me a few times but I finally got there haha

Who makes the most mess? Me

Who has more tattoos? Neither of us have tattoos, or like them enough to have one.

Who’s the better singer? Neither of us, we both can’t sing to save ourselves haha

Hogs the remote? Me

Better driver? Him, I’m a road rager

Spends the most? Me

Do you have children together? Yes, 1 daughter

Did you go to the same school? Yes, same high school

Who is the most sensitive? Me

Where do you eat out the most? Probably our local coffee shop or Nandos

Where is the furtherest you two have traveled together as a couple? Vanuatu and Fiji

Who has the worst temper? Me, I am short tempered

Who does the cooking? Both of us, but I love to cook so I mostly do

Who is more social? Me, I love heaps of people around

Who is the most stubborn? Me, Aaron is very patient haha

Who wakes up earlier? Him, I hate waking up early

Where was your first date? The movies almost 10 years ago!

Who has the bigger family? Both have about the same size fam

Who does the laundry? He does mostly

Who picks where you go to dinner? We are both indecisive, usually ends in picking it out of a hat haha

Who wears the pants in the relationship? We both do, we make a good team!

B E S T lipstick for Mummas

Before Gracie was born, I loved wearing makeup and particularly loved all shades of lipstick! I researched for the perfect liquid-to-matte lipstick that would be long lasting, cruelty free and that I could smother my babe in kisses without transferring it onto her.  Safe to say, Jeffree Star makes the PERFECT lipsticks, in a variety of colours and they are super light on the lips!  

Babe tested 💋

Wearing: Gemini 

People come and go and that’s ok! 

It’s always painful losing those who were closest to us.  It’s never easy letting go either.  The saying goes, friends come and go, but I don’t find that comforting at all or particularly easing the reality of a friendship breakup. 

I’ll never understand why and I just need to accept that that is ok!  Is my life completely ruined by it? No.  Do I wish it never happened? Of course! Is there much I can do to change the way the person feels? No, and you can’t force someone to be friends with you. 

I’m such an extrovert and it’s always been a battle of mine to just have people to like me and accept me for who I am.  But I shouldn’t need to feel like that and should  feel comfortable in my own skin! It’s so hard when you feel so vulnerable and when it’s times like this, it’s even worse for people like me! What have I done? Did I offend her?  

Mind you, what becomes important and your priorities when you’re older is really those closest to you, your family.  I barely have time for my beautiful close friends as it is.  Friendships are two way streets, you have to meet in the middle – that’s where failure in friendships are sometimes inevitable.  

Life is short. Be with those who lift you up and who bring joy to your life and happiness with them.  Friendships are special, but really your family is forever!  

Life is so good and I am truly blessed to have a beautiful little fambam and people who support and lift me up on the daily ✌️🙏🏼